DIGITEC SOLUTION is the result of a merger between Digitec Electronic and Solution Verona. The aim of the company is to become the landmark for integrators’ and advanced security professionals’ requirements.

DIGITEC SOLUTION’s areas of expertise are: antiintrusion perimetral solutions, video analysis systems, thermographic cameras, advanced CCTV systems, VMS and building management systems, custom software solutions.

Thanks to their experience, DIGITEC SOLUTION’s team can provide scalable solutions at any level.

We can support designers in developing solutions.

DIGITEC SOLUTION is the commercial and technical reference for the most demanding companies.


What we do
This division’s aim is to provide technical advice to design studios, keeping them up to date about any new technological aspect arising on the market, fully satisfying the requirements of a professional. We cooperate in drafting technical reports and any other document necessary towards achieving the completion of a project. We perform estimation surveys in the case of existing sites and we organize regulatory training sessions.
Digitec Solution Systems Division can also develop integrated solutions for special plants and custom software solutions. We constantly attend to dedicated International exhibitions: we are the the company’s “eye on the world”, ceaselessly researching for state-of-the-art solutions.
This division is also in charge of managing Digitec Solution’s brands.

To whom we address to
Design studios | System Integrators | Vertical markets

Designing support | Regulatory support and training | Consultancy

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What is it
DIGITEC Solution selects and puts on the market the most important brands for antiintrusion systems, perimeter protection, fire and gas detection, evacuation and extinguishing, access control, video-surveillance systems, video analysis, area control, traffic control, thermal detection and centralization systems.

To whom we address to
Professional systems installers

Quoting | technical support | remediation management | training | logistics




Hykon is a TVCC product line designed for the specialist. All Hykon products are conceived to guarantee high performances, thanks to the selection of cutting edge, prime-choice components, in order to satisfy even the most demanding clients, in terms of technical performances.

Hykon products are designed to function in extreme exposition conditions, guaranteeing outstanding performances even under severe conditions of lacking of brightness and in extreme contexts. The quality choice of the Hykon product line makes the whole range of products durable and reliable.

Hykon’s strict and trustworthy commercial policy makes the market players stand out, protects the supply chain and provides an ideal product for installers and System Integrators who want to stand out in the market. Hykon can safeguard your promotion and design activities.


Aton is a supervisor of technological systems developed by DIGITEC SOLUTION, based on a proprietary Linux distribution (OS LINEA) and on JavaScript applications running on web browser, tapping into a relational database.
This product allows the integrated management, even remotely, of different technological plants, in order to rationalize management and control posts for every single plant.

Aton integrates and manages the following technological systems:
• Antiintrusion systems
• TVCC systems
• Fire/gas detection systems
• Building automation systems
• Access control, electronic cylinders
• MODBUS systems
• Intercom systems

Digitec Solution can develop customized software solutions.


Est italy branch office
Via Fermi, n.13/C
37135 Verona
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Fax: +39 045 683 81 44

Mail to
Info: info@digitecsolution.it
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Technical support: assistenzatecnica@digitecsolution.it

West italy branch office
Registered office and headquarters:
Piazza Virgilio n. 31/32
25019 Sirmione (Brescia)
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